After the 2016 election, I received a call to action to make something for FEMME NOUVEAU 2016 in response to the rampant sexism displayed by the Trump campaign. Building upon the theme of “MANIFESTING THE MUSE”, I designed a collection of portraits of inspiring, powerful, and influential women. By illustrating each face with a simple, graphic style, my hope is that women can see themselves in the artwork while still identifying the amazing ladies who have paved the way before us. Including the phrase “LOCK HER UP!” edited to read “LIFT HER UP!” will remind the audience that women are deserving of our respect, support, and admiration.

As part of FEMME NOUVEAU, the original painting was auctioned off as a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood of Greater Boston. But the response to the design was so supportive that I’ve made the digital version available online via THREADLESS and ZAZZLE. A version was also included in RESIST!, a newspaper which distributed 55,000 copies at the Women’s March on Washington and around the country on January 20-22nd, 2017.

LIFT HER UP poster
LIFT HER UP, poster | December 2016

Original poster was drawn digitally, printed on watercolor paper, and painted with gouache | TRIM: 12″ x 18″ | DECEMBER 2016