I designed and created many pieces for our wedding in August 2017, including the invitations. The website was built in WordPress and was updated after the event to share our photos and thank our guests. The logo, which was used on the website, invitations, and stamped into the soap favors, was also updated with my new initials. Marimekko’s Pieni Tiara pattern was used throughout the bridal party’s handmade accessories, including a bowtie for the groom, neckties for the groomsmen, and fabric fans for the bridesmaids. Handmade paper flowers created for the bridal bouquet and hair, bridesmaid corsages, and the groom and groomsmen boutonnières complemented the bright and bold colors of the fabric. The bridesmaids also wore handmade jewel-toned rhinestone earrings to bring pops of color to their faces. Handmade For soaps—naturally colored C, M, Y or K and stamped with our wedding logo —were used as both wedding favors and escort cards. Marimekko fabric was also featured at the dining tables with various colors of Primavera as table overlays and mismatched handmade napkins awaiting each guest (with custom tag thanking them for joining us).


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