These pieces were designed for our wedding in central Maine during the local Blueberry Festival. The invitations were laser cut with a birch tree pattern to mirror the field where we were married and included silhouettes of our beloved pets. I also created a repeating blueberry bush pattern to be carried throughout each piece, including the invitation, information card (front and back), as well as the envelope liners and custom return address stickers. When folded and assembled, only the blueberry bush pattern was visible through the laser cut panels and by opening those panels first, it was as if the viewer entered the woods and found themselves amidst a blueberry field (much like on our wedding day!).

DIGITALLY PRINTED & LASER CUT | MAY 2017 | INVITATION: 15″ x 5″, INFO CARD: 4.5″ x 4.5″, RSVP: 5″ x 3″